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Siding is a very importantcomponent of your house. Think of it as your house’s skin. You want it toperform well over time with little maintenance. There are many types of siding available on the market today. Here aresome of the most commonly used.

Concrete Fiberboard
This type of siding is sold underseveral different brands. Some of the more common are John Hardie orCertainteed. It is made out of aconcrete composite somewhat like fibercrete.It is heavy and must be moved with care since it can be brittle untilinstalled. However once it is installed it offers fantastic durability andprotection. Siding can be purchased inshingle, plank, or sheets. Concrete siding can be installed quickly and usuallycarries a manufacturer’s warranty of 35-50 years. Most companies offer pre-primedor even already painted siding so you save time and money on painting costs andyour house gets done quicker.

Vinyl siding can vary greatly inquality depending on what type you get. Sometimes it gets a bad reputation dueto shoddy versions that are on the market. However there is very high qualityvinyl siding available today. Its advantages are that it is easy to clean andlightweight.

Wood siding can look rustic andquite attractive. However many wood sidings do not have the life span of othertypes of sidings. Wood can last a long time if well treated; it is just moresusceptible to the elements. If maintenance of wood siding is a priority of thehomeowner, it is possible to get many years out of wood siding.

Cost Concerns
When deciding what type of sidingto use, cost can be a concern. Qualityof materials definitely influences the total cost of a siding project. Vinylfor example can vary drastically in price and what kind of warranty is offered. Some types of siding are cheaper to installinitially but do not last as long as more expensive siding options likeconcrete.

Here are some questions to ask whenmaking a decision about what type of siding to install on your home orbusiness.

  • How long do I want it to last?
    If you are building a new home youmight want to make sure that you install siding that you will never need toreplace whereas if you are not intending to keep a property for long, you mightbe more inclined to go with a more cost effective option.
  • What kind of pattern or “look” do you want?
    Siding is often available in largesheets, planks with various finishes, and shingles. Some take longer and morecare to install than others which can influence the overall cost of your project.Price of raw materials can vary as well based upon your choices. Also manyhouses have more than one type of siding. This can be very attractive andappealing to those that like a bit of contrast on their home or business.
  • Do you need to remove old siding?
    Costs can vary upon what type ofsiding you need to remove and dispose of.Asbestos siding for example is considered hazardous and must be handledand disposed of with much greater care than vinyl, wood, or concrete basedsidings.
  • Overall Budget
    In some cases you might need to geta job done quickly and at a reduced cost. Knowing your maximum budget for aproject ahead of time can help narrow down which siding option is best for yourhome or business.

Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC are expertsiding installers, providing the best and most courteous service to your homeor business. We are here to help you with your next siding repair or replacement.



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