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Roof repairs can be complex and require a complete examination of the roof in question so that the problem can be completely solved as quickly as possible. The sooner a problem is noticed and repaired, the less likely it is to cause severe damage. A home with a properly maintained roof is worth more in equity than one that needs major repairs.

Roof Damage

Roof damage can be caused by many different things.

  • Time – No roof will last forever but some will sure last longer than others. Regardless, years of exposure to the elements will wear down your roof and make it vulnerable to cracks, splits, rust, etc. that will lead to repairs being required.  Many shingles abrade over time. When they get so thin, they can be more easily damaged by severe weather.
  • Falling Debris – Certainly nobody plans for a tree limb or storm debris to hit their roof but it can easily happen. In severe storms, debris can impact your roof from a further distance than you might think. Impacts can result in entire roofs being replaced but more minor and common cases of debris damage may allow for the roof to be repaired at a much smaller price than what an entire new roof would cost.
  • Weather – Hail storms in particular are known to cause severe damage to roofs. Each type of roof is rated for its durability at withstanding storm damage. Metal is the most durable of the commonly available roofing systems. Even metal can have paint abraded in severe weather. Metal can be repainted if dents cause this sort of abrasion. Wind can lift shingles and loosen roofing, and peel back underlayment’s, thereby causing water to find its way into your home or business. Repairs must be done immediately if the roof is not to be totally replaced.
  • Not Properly Ventilated– If a roof is not properly ventilated moisture can build up and cause rot. Making sure you have proper vents installed can significantly increase the life of your roof and home.

Ways to Prevent Problems before Repairs Are Necessary

  • Make sure gutters are kept clean so that water is carried away from your roof and does not puddle up or rot your soffit or fascia.
  • Maintain or replace skylights. Anything on your roof that catches debris and traps moisture can decrease the life of your roof and lead to costly repairs. A leaky skylight will need to be resealed or replaced.
  • Visually inspect your roof yearly to see if you notice any areas that look particularly worn. If you have a flat roof, you or a roofing specialist will have to go up on the roof and inspect it for cracks, abrasions, etc. Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC offers free roof evaluations in the greater New Orleans area so that you can make sure that your roof stays in great shape and problems are prevented before they become particularly troublesome and costly.
  • Reseal roofs on mobile homes regularly to prevent leaks. This can be done very inexpensively and greatly reduce the incidence of water damage.

Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC provides quality roof repairs with fast and courteous service at a competitive price. Whether you need a small repair or a more serious repair job, we are your local source for roofing repairs in the greater New Orleans and surrounding areas. We offer free estimates with up front pricing so you know exactly how much you are paying before the job is started. Give us a call today and let us know what we can do to help you.


Roof Repair

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