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In the past, asbestos has been used for house siding and roofing. While asbestos has admirable qualities such as fire resistance and long lasting durability, it is now known that it can be extremely hazardous to human health when it becomes airborne. These particles can result in a particularly harmful condition known as Mesothelioma, which causes severe problems to the respiratory system. This means that if you have an asbestos roof that is now in disrepair, you will need a trained professional to remove the asbestos without creating a potential health hazard for your loved ones and customers. Here are some reasons you should consider replacing your asbestos roof.

An older asbestos roof can significantly decrease the resale value of your home. When a potential buyer sees an older asbestos roof, it can signify to them that they might have to face removal and replacement costs.  These costs are often over exaggerated which can make a home a lot harder to sell.

Removing or replacing asbestos shingles is not something a homeowner should take on themselves. Inhaling even small amounts of asbestos is not good for you and should be actively avoided. A professional roofing contractor trained in the safe removal of asbestos will eliminate any potential health risks and makes sure that the waste materials from the asbestos roof removal will be disposed of completely and properly, leaving your home or business a safe and healthy environment for all those that come into contact with it.

Over time any roof will show signs of age and deterioration. While asbestos roofs are known to be long lasting, the homes that have them are now reaching an older age. When a roof gets so much wear and tear on it, you are better off replacing the roof than trying to get someone to repair it. In some cases the longer one waits, the harder and more expensive the roofing job becomes.

The first step in determining if your asbestos roof needs to be replaced is to determine what state your roof is really in. Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC offers free roof evaluations so we can determine how much life you have left in your roof. This can help you prepare for the disruptions and costs that occur in situations such as this.  The good news is that asbestos roof shingles usually do not reduce hazardous particles unless sawed, drilled, or otherwise abraded.

When a home with an asbestos roof is renovated, it might require changes in the roof line of the home, especially if some areas are removed and replaced. Even if you are just removing a small amount of roofing, it is important that asbestos be treated with care to avoid exposure. Just because your project is small does not mean that it is not worth it to hire someone trained to properly remove and dispose of asbestos.

Repairs of Asbestos Roofs
While asbestos roofs can be repaired, it pays to ask oneself if it is worth it in the long run. Repairs now can make it harder in the future for the asbestos roof to be removed and replaced. This can significantly increase the costs you have to incur in the long term.

Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC offers professional roofers that have experience with the proper removal and disposal of asbestos. We can help guide you through the process and choose a great new roofing option that will give you many years of reliable service with little maintenance required on your part. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your asbestos roof.



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