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Storms can come very suddenly. Hail is a leading cause of roof damage with some types of roofs being more susceptible to damage than others.  Most hail damage occurs when marble sized or larger hail falls for an extended period of time but can occur with any size hail depending upon the condition of the roof before the storm and the duration of the hail.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs often fare much better than a shingle roof to large and forceful hail storms. While a metal roof might incur dents and abrasions, it is very unlikely that any holes or split seams will occur. Dents might not be visible unless looked at pretty closely. When hail can cause damage to a metal roof is when there are rusted or thin parts from a roof being particularly old. In some cases insurance companies have been known to give discounts to those that have metal roofs since they are the most impact and damage resistant option commonly available today. If you have a very severe hail storm and some paint is removed from your metal roof at points of hail impact, you might consider repainting the roof so as to extend its life.

Asphalt Shingle

Shingle roofs, particularly those of lower grades, can be very badly damaged in storms. As the shingle wears down over time, it is less resistant to impacts that can cause cracks and allow water to escape into any underlayment and then into your home. Even if no leaks occur immediately after a storm, it is possible for hail to cause severe abrasion of the shingle, decreasing the remaining life of the shingle.  In an already well worn shingle, you are more likely to experience immediate problems. It is much cheaper to replace a roof before it starts causing damage to the rest of the structure or your possessions. Ridge vents are one particular area that receives hail damage the worst because hail can hit it more directly than on a roofs sloped side.


Wood shingled roofs are not very common but hail damage is very easy to see on them. Damage will appear as impacts where the darker outer layer of the wood has been removed by the hail. The roof should be inspected for any splits that might have occurred at any of the points of impact. Those that have wood roofs often replace them with a longer lasting modern alternative if damage is severe.

Flat Roof

Flat roofed buildings can be particularly susceptible to hail damage because ice can more easily build up on the roof and hail can abrade the bitumen and pitch based membrane. It should be thoroughly inspected after a large storm for any cracks or splits that might have occurred.  Since it is harder to see problems on a flat roof, it can be easy to forget to look for anything until you already have a leak and are experiencing damage.

If you are afraid that your roof might have been damaged in a storm, let Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC come to your home or business for a free roof inspection so that you can avoid any greater costs and damages in the future. While a roof might appear just fine and you might not experience any leaks, splits or cracks may have occurred that could become worse in the future, allowing water to gradually slip in and begin rotting your roof underlayment or supports.

Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC is your local company for roof repair and replacement in the greater New Orleans area. We are invested in providing the best service we can for our community.


Hail Damage

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