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Built-up roofing is used for countless numbers of commercial buildings and flat roofed homes all over the world.  It is sturdy and strong. One of the most important things to remember when considering a built-up roof is to hire a roofing contractor that has experience with the type of built-up roof that you are considering. The most common complaints about built-up roofs are that since they are a flat roof system, they tend to be more likely to leak. This is largely exaggerated and is the result of built-up roofing being applied by those that do not have the proper experience necessary to ensure the roof is properly sealed to begin with.

Built-Up roofing or BUR roofing has been used for years to provide a reliable and trusted method of roofing flat roofed structures.

Strength and Durability
Since many layers are used, a built up roof is strong and durable. Abrasion does not occur as readily as with a single-ply system so a built up roof tends to be better in the long term.

Lower Maintenance than Single-Ply
Although built-up roofing may cost more than single-ply, it lasts longer and requires less maintenance because it is thicker and thus harder to damage.

Several Finishes to Choose From
Built-up roofs can have a gravel finish, a smooth light colored finish, or any number of other custom colors but most choose a very light color due to its energy saving capabilities.

Cost Effective
Built-up roofing systems are generally less expensive than many other types of roofing systems.

Built-up roofing systems consist of layers of bituminous felt that is layered and sealed together to create a rigid membrane that forms a watertight seal. The roof is finished with gravel or smooth coating. The type of built-up roof will influence the cost of the roof to install. There are several types of commonly used built-up roofing systems to choose from.

Cold Built-Up Roof
A cold built-up roof is appealing because it can be applied without the use of coal or oil products that release fumes.  The roof coating is applied with a sponge mop or sprayed on. Due to its environmental friendliness, this is a good choice for those in environmentally sensitive areas.

Cold Asphalt
Cold asphalt applications are popular because they don’t release all the unpleasant fumes commonly associated with any asphalt built-up roofing application.

Hot Asphalt
While this method is still commonly used, it is messier to apply and releases fumes that can be unpleasant while the job is underway. This is because hot coal pitch or other bitumen based liquid must be heated during the process. If you intend on staying in business while your roofing project is being executed, this might be a concern.

Ballasted Asphalt
This method has increased in popularity because it provides a lot of fire resistance. The roof is applied using rocks or similar to help hold the roof down in place, while an asphalt coating is applied to seal and waterproof.

BUR roofing systems must have proper flashing for all vents and pipes in order for leaks to be prevented. Even if everything else in the application is done correctly, if the flashing is not done correctly, you can be in big trouble.

Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC is locally owned and operated by New Orleans native Eric Perdomo. Eric and company have more than a decade’s experience serving the BUR roofing needs of those in the greater New Orleans area.  Call them today to find out what BUR roofing option best suits the needs of your business. Remember that at Perdomo Roofing & Sheetmetal, LLC you never pay for quotes so don’t hesitate to call them at any time.


Built Up Roofing

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